Place the enclosed table cloth down to protect your work surface. The Spring Fever Kit includes a canvas painting project and a flower pot to decorate. Also included are some seeds to plant.

Your stencil may be already attached to your white canvas as the picture A. Before you start painting, make sure your stencil is stuck down well. You can run the black scraper tool over the stencil to ensure it is attached. To ensure clean lines, you can do a light layer of white paint over the edges of the stencil. This will help you get crisp lines. 

Once you have made sure the stencil is attached, you can use the included sponges to lightly apply paint all over the canvas. Cover all the edges of the stencil with paint, don’t leave any white space around the stencil.

Once you finish painting your canvas, remove the stencil using a toothpick while the paint is still a little wet. 

A         B

If you are choosing the other stencil, paint the background of your canvas however you wish (or leave it white). After the background has dried, you can apply the stencil. 

Smooth the stencil down with the black scraper tool provided. Peel the backing of the stencil off  (the side with the grid). Apply the stencil, sticky side down, on your painted canvas. Smooth once again the stencil down with the black scraper tool provided. Peel off the beige masking tape and make sure the blue stencil is stuck to your canvas. All the blue pieces need to be attached to the canvas.

Once you have removed the masking tape, you are ready to paint! Use the sponges provided to apply light coats of paint around your stencil. Once you have finished painting, remove your stencil using a toothpick and discard.

Use the paints to decorate the outside of the flower pot. Once the paint has dried, you can attach some stickers.  Fill the pot almost to the top with the dirt provided in your kit. To plant the seeds, make a small hole in the dirt with your finger and then place the roll of seeds in the hole. Keep the seeds rolled up when you put them in the dirt. Cover the roll with dirt and then water and place in a sunny spot. Remember to water your seeds whenever they look dry and watch them grow!

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