Place the enclosed table cloth down to protect your work surface. Paint the background of your canvas however you wish. After the background has dried, you can apply the Harry Potter themed stencils. 

Peel the backing of the stencil off  (the side with the grid). Apply the stencil, sticky side down, on your painted canvas. Smooth the stencil down with the black scraper tool provided. Peel off the beige masking tape and make sure the blue stencil is stuck to your canvas. 

Once you have removed the masking tape, you are ready to paint! Use the sponges provided to apply light coats of paint over your stencil. Once you have finished painting, remove your stencil using a toothpick and discard.


Make sure your table cloth is still protecting your work space. Your Harry Potter Kit includes the ingredients to make a potion! Pour the “Skele-gro Powder” into your glass container. Say your favorite spell, add the “Elixir of Life” and stand back.

“Skele-gro Powder” is baking soda with food coloring

“Elixir of Life” is vinegar

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