An Epic Unicorn Rainbow Birthday Extravaganza!

Winter birthdays have a unique charm, and what better way to celebrate than with an enchanting unicorn rainbow theme! For this party, the birthday girl had chosen a unicorn rainbow theme for four years in a row! The first time, we hosted digitally since it was during the pandemic. 2022, we did regular rainbow and last year we did a bright neon rainbow theme. This year the birthday girl decided to give the theme a spin and make her theme a Unicorn Winter Wonderland! We always love a challenge but we hope next year she decides to have another theme!

The Decor

We transformed the party venue into a rainbow winter wonderland! We covered one of our wood backdrops with a shimmery sequined fabric and attached some paper fans to give it some color. This is a great way to make one of our backdrops look like new! We always love hanging our plastic fringes from the ceiling; they are so fun!

Of course, we added unicorns and rainbows everywhere!. A spectrum of pastel-colored balloons will bring the rainbow theme to life.

The Table

The kids table is always our favorite part. we love layering colors and textures. Fresh flowers are always a must! If budget is tight, we like to mix artificial and fresh flowers to make our arrangements more full; no one ever notices it!

The Craft

We always include a craft in our parties. This is a great way to keep kids engaged during the party. This time, we made no-sew blankets and event though some kids had a hard time tying the knots, it ended up being a hit! working on an activity and seeing the result it so rewarding! and the kids got to take their new blanket home!

With a blend of light pastels, fun activities, and a touch of shine, this celebration was sure to leave a lasting impression on both the birthday child and their guests.

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